Ways of boosting web servers in Asia efficiency

March 20, 2017

It is true that the data centers (DCs) are always searching for a means to boost web servers in Asia efficiency.

Enterprise and organizations put lots of pressure on IT experts to run critical applications while at the same time minimize power consumption and maximize cooling efficiency. Some of the methods IT experts can make their servers efficient while maintaining cloud security is maintaining virtualization, refreshing servers and using monitoring tools.


Management tools

Implementing management tools can help you maximize server uptime and optimize the performance of your server hosting Asia per watt. For example, a simple management tool uses power management policies to maximize the computer resources available and guard against a power trip. Furthermore, management tools provide a central point where you can determine the server’s quality across the DC and in a cluster to make choices on planning workload assignments across various servers.


Refreshing servers

A server refresh is other good way to improve server efficiency. Invest in the latest model of servers which provide you with improved energy efficiency and better CPU performance gains and I/O. It is advisable to refresh your servers every 3 years to ensure that you have efficient servers. Refreshing server provide you with the opportunity to future-proof your IT department for where your enterprise/ organization may be headed in the future. You can invest in servers which meet the demands of your organization/ enterprise, including servers optimized for user apps.


If you don’t want to invest in additional servers and instead wish to get the most out of the current servers, virtualization is a suitable choice. A virtual private server (VPS) is one computer working like many. Virtualization technology is achieved by utilizing sophisticated software to partition the computer’s hard disk into many parts such that each part works as a separate hard drive, CPU, RAM… Virtualization allows you to use several operating systems on the same device. It also enables you to cut down on expenses and to save storage space.


Every organization/enterprise wants the fastest and most powerful Asia servers in their DC. Virtualization, the use of management tools and refreshing servers are a few methods of ensuring your servers are more productive.