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March 21, 2019

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[Best] Dedicated Server Singapore 2019

1. What is dedicated server?


Dedicated services allow customer to host their websites/apps on one server. The server maintains the server hardware and leases the space to the customer. Certain software can be included in this package. Customer can install apps as needed and can have as much traffic to the site as the server itself can handle without worrying that it will knock down other sites on the same server.


To use server in Singapore, you have to rent or buy a dedicated server from the provider. In case of customer buy dedicated server, provider will support them to manage server system. If the using colocation service, the customer will pay a fixed cost monthly or annually. This cost will change depending on quality of provider’s data center. At this time, customers will proactively monitor the entire server operating system including software and hardware to upgrade in time.

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2. We can find that server has many pros:


  • Powerful resource – A dedicated server is total yours and not shared with anyone. This means all the resources as well as connectivity is dedicated to you. The server is powerful enough to deal with thousands of visitors per day. You have full of resources of the dedicated server that means performance is enhanced. A shared host is less powerful because of the hardware resources being shared between users.
  • High stability – Since you aren’t sharing resources you do not have to worry about others’ practices affecting your site. Although in this case, you do not need to worry about outgrowing a shared solution. You will be able to stay with your dedicated plan for a long time without moving. You can add to your site with the comfort of knowing your server Singapore can handle the growth.
  • More secure: Dedicated servers are so safe because of fact that they are not shared with several customers. This means many potential risks are eliminated. If one account was r attacked on a shared host, the rest of the accounts on that server can potentially be attacked. Having your own personal server minimizes these risks.
  • Stunning features – Each server has different features that come included with the hosting package. Some may have a minimum amount of add-ons and rely on you to supply your own and others provide you some extra features like spam monitoring, scripts, control panel and e-commerce solutions.
  • Better Control – Since you aren’t sharing the server with other websites you have a greatly increased amount of control over the server than you do with shared hosting.
  • High Flexibility – You can choose to use your server for as many of your demands as you wish providing that it remains within your allotted memory, hard drive space and bandwidth.
  • Many options – You can select the dedicated server Singapore that best suits your demand as there is a wide range of options available. You can decide how much storage and RAM you need and choose the plan that meets your requirements.

3. And also cons:


  • High cost – Dedicated server is the most expensive type of hosting plan. However, in case you need high performance, it is totally worth the extra cost. Before selecting any hosting type, you need to estimate your business needs and decide which type is best for you.
  • Complex control – Dedicated servers can be difficult to use if you’re not experienced with servers. You need administration skills or have to use administration services of server vendors. Tech experience is required for installing software, daily maintenance, monitoring and other daily tasks. Besides, hosting plans are able to offer advice on security, but it is your duty to make sure that your server is safe.
  • Do all tasks by yourself: repair, operation, maintenance/installation of hardware/ software. Although being in control of your own Singapore dedicated server is a good choice, there’re also risks of mistakes being made such as deleting vital data. In additions, daily monitoring and evaluation are required to look out for accidental errors.

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4. Dedicated server is not suitable solutions for all users

You can choose this service in these cases:

  • Be large businesses with strong and stable financial budget that need to run short/short term project.
  • Need to expand the hardware continuously according to business scale and to host big multi-website with large data.
  • Meet the demand of placing server in quality data center and ensure connection speeds and timely technical support.
  • Run games, movies, media, e-commerce, ERP / CRM / e-learning sites/ apps, advertising, communication, accounting, banking and insurance.
  • Server plays an important role for organizations and businesses operating in the sharing and management of information and data. Therefore, when buying dedicated server, you should note the important technical specifications. This will ensure the performance and longevity of server.

5. Dedicated server vs. other types of hosting


While all types of hosting servers will work as a storage center for your website, they differ in the amount of control panel, storage, load speed, technical knowledge requirement and reliability.

Server VPS Shared hosting Colocation Cloud server
Singapore dedicated serverprovides the maximum control over the web server that your website is stored on. You hire an entire physical server and your site is the only site  hosted on this server.



A VPS divides a server into VPS by virtualization technology, which creates a space where each sites is stored on their own dedicated server. Actually, they’re sharing a server with other users. You will have root access to their virtual account and safer hosting environment with this type of hosting. This is a great option for those who needs better control at the server level, but do not want to invest in a dedicated server.


In shared hosting, a website is placed on the same server as many other sites, ranging from a few to thousands. All of domains will share a common pool of hardware resources. As cost is relative low. Most of the sites with average traffic and standard software are hosted on shared host. Shared host plan is accepted widely as the start option because it does not require much technical skills. Colocations meet the needs of locatingSingapore serverin Tier-3 standardized data center that ensure high transmission speeds and 24/7 tech support. This service is appropriate choice for businesses which have stable budget, run long-term project and are capable of self- system administering.

The owners own their rack server Singapore, routers, other hardware and software kept in DC.



Cloud hosting provides unlimited ability to deal with high traffic. Here is how it works: A team of servers work together in order to host a group of sites. This will allow multi- computers to work together to handle high traffic for any site.



With great power comes… well, greater cost.Server in Singapore is much more expensive than shared hosting and it is only recommended to those who require the maximum control and better server performance.


Limited ability to handle high traffic, your site performance can still be somewhat affected by other sites on the server.


Limited ability to handle high traffics, no root access, web performance can be affected by other sites on the same server.



Colocation vendor are responsible to provide electric and power that are needed to keep the server operating, internet access and storage facilities.


Many cloud server providers don’t provide root access (needed to change server installation and set up some software), higher cost.


4. What to consider when choose a dedicated server

Singapore dedicated server plays an important role for organizations and businesses operating in the sharing and management of information and data. Therefore, when buying dedicated server, you should note the important technical specifications. This will ensure the performance and longevity of server.

Ensure payment ability

You need to consider to the budget for upgrading server. Host is known as one of the most expensive storage solutions and obviously you do not want to pay for exceed budget. Let conduct a survey to choose the quality server service with the affordable price.

Bandwidth by the numbers



If you are launching a new site, estimate your bandwidth is something of a shot in the dark. So you have to keep careful track of your website’s activity for the early few months after it run sustainably so that you can determine your actual monthly bandwidth and adjust your account. For more established websites, calculating your estimated bandwidth is easy:

  • Multiply the result from the second above by the average total number of page views / visitor.
  • Depend on the monthly average total number of visitors.
  • Estimate the average page size of your website, in kilobytes. If you do not know, use the tool Pingdom’s Load Time to test on a few pages and take the average bandwidth.

These simple calculations can give you an idea of how much bandwidth you expect to consume, but a little more math is required.

Several factors can influence in the bandwidth that your website consumes.

  • Layout Changes: And if you change your website’s layout, you can increase the size of your webpage and consume more bandwidth.
  • Traffic Spikes: Unexpected traffic spikes, like those caused by social news websites, can cause bandwidth consume to double or more in a single month.
  • Traffic Growth: The traffic to your website will grow in future.
  • Room to Grow: When you add more pages, the number of page views can increase, especially those from search engine spiders.

Use a reliable service

There are many choices of dedicated server for you to choose. If you do not have too much experience, it’s necessary to use service of famous brands such as Microsoft, Dell or IBM. Currently Dell servers are popular choice because of its good quality and customer services.

Use a server operating system


Installing the operating system is the next step when you have possessed a dedicated server Singaporealready. Server operating systems are generally configured to meet all the demands from different users at the same time. In some cases the operating system will be a costly solution. However, if you want your server to get best performance, the server operating is a mandatory. In addition, you can choose the integrated operating of high quality dedicated server to reduce costs.

Estimate your business development

You currently cannot be able to select the best server and you have to use a sufficient server resource. This does not mean you don’t need to prepare for the development of the business. With higher business demands, it is necessary for you to upgrade your server by adding memory.

Consider data center


It is important to know where your server will place in and how it will be connected. It can be located in your company or in dedicated server. In general, a server located in the data center will get maximum performance and increase longevity.
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Use server administration services

Have you made sure that you can review your server at any time 24/24 and handle all its problems? That’s the reason why you should use serve management services.  Let technical support employee assist you in the operation and maintenance of the server Singapore.

Always set up contingency plans

The concept of “uptime” is obviously extremely important. That means you have to make sure that the server can be accessed at any time. You have to set up contingency plans that use RAID 1 (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) or something like that. RAID 1 will divide your server into two hard drives. If one hard drive suddenly fails, your website will not be downtime. It is the similar solution if you use the server that has two power supplies. Actually RAID 1 is not a good service any more it may make data risk.

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5. How to maintain your server for the best performance?


Regular cleaning of the server

You need to ensure that the hardware and environment are clean is another way to maintain a server. Computer hardware is tough, however, and though accumulated dust and particles can cause damage, maintaining a clean environment is not too difficult. Try to wipe down the hardware with a clean and dry cloth as needed. Use compressed air to remove dust from inside the server and once a month or so, use a special computer cleaning method and do a deep cleaning. During peak periods, servers create hot air, so that you should make sure that it is placed in a well-ventilated and cool area.

Monitor server activity and performance

Woman IT engineer in server room checking network

Woman IT engineer in server room checking network

It I so important that network admins always know that what is going on with their dedicated server Singapore. This allows them to make sure that it’s working well, as well as anticipate any upcoming issues. In some cases, the installed server OS has some built-in tools to help monitor the performance. For those who want to automate this function, there are many available types of server monitoring services and software.

The basic performance monitoring service or software should provide admins an overview of the server’s performance during peak periods. Some types of the servers may need different types of reports. For instance, admins of mail servers need to find out how long messages are in the queue before they are delivered.

For customers who have to know what is going on with their servers 24/7/365, some activity monitoring services offer regular reports & email or text alerts if the server experiences unusual activity. However, unless the person is an IT-er in a huge organization, everyday server owners should be satisfied with weekly/monthly detailed reports.

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Update Operating System

Most of the manufacturers and OS makers do updates to their software regularly. This ensures that the server runs efficiently, and patches any security holes that hackers or viruses may use to invade the server. Updates can usually be done over the Internet. If the OS installed on the server is too old, it may prevent the server from running at peak efficiency. Server owners need to try to upgrade the OS when-ever possible.

Remove old file & unused service


Over time, a server can get crowded. This may slow down its performance and prevent new data from being written. So, it is best to scan the server and remove old and unused files regularly. For media servers, the owner should delete old movies that have been watched, or for mail servers, the administrator should delete mailboxes not being used. Also, many servers come with different services that the owner use or do not use. It is best to turn off these services if not being utilized, because these can eat up resources be exploited by viruses/hackers to invade the server.

Scan for viruses

Servers can be infected with malwares/viruses, which can then be spread to other client computers. Anti-virus software for servers can do a variety of tasks, not just scanning and removing viruses. The best types of antivirus software can perform proactive monitoring for viruses, scan the important areas for infections, restore the system and destroy any trace of the virus and isolates the client computers that have been infected.

Back-up regularly


Disasters and other mishaps can befall a server. In these cases, having a backup for data and network services would be useful. Depending on the type of server, there are many different methods to back up a server. Those data may want to look for a dedicated backup drive or look at cloud computing services that can back up files to another location.

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Server Singapore | Poerful hardware |Tier 3 Data Center | 99.9% Uptime | free ipv6/IPKVM


Server Singapore is the best solution for individuals/enterprises that need to run large short-term.

VinaHost is known as a leading sever vendor in Vietnam. With more than 10 years of experience in the field of sever/hosting, we provide our customer with the best server services.

We provide IBM, HP, Supermicro, Dell server Singapore with Intel Deca Core E5 Series and up to 128 GB of RAM or above as your demand. Besides, we provide a wide range of server options including server rack Singapore, Cabinets, Mounts and More… on demand. Also, you can upgrade your server hardware resources easily depending on business expansion.

With Singapore dedicated server, your server will be located at Tier 3 Data Center in Singapore that ensure a high transmission speed and 24/7 technical support. VinaHost is committed to ensuring up to 10TB Data Transfer | 99.9% Uptime | up to 100Mbps Bandwidth. This helps your server get the best performance.

We are a strategic partner of the best ISPs (Viettel IDC and VNPT) that make us have the strong and stable domestic and international transmission speed. The capacity of the international Internet gateway of two ISPs gets highest level in Vietnam with many transmission directions: US, Hong Kong, Thailand, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia…

VinaHost also provides Server Singapore solutions such as: Video streaming/Anti Video-Downloading, Firewall and Anti DDOS Proxy (Proxy DDoS Filter and Web DDoS Filter), Load Balance, Centralized monitoring and monitoring solutions, Database Cluster/Web Cluster. Moreover, we provide customer with free administration and full-service administration on demand. You do not need any technical experience to monitor your server as all tasks are taken care of by us.

Our tech experts can handle all tasks as software tasks, server changes, regular data backups and related matters. Whenever you get trouble with your Singapore dedicated server, please to contact us and wait for our respond within 15 minutes. We have the best staffs that can support fluently in English.

Besides, with our flexible monthly payment policy, you get opportunity to own a high quality Singapore serverservice at an affordable price. This is good option for customers that consider running short-term projects or want to experience our service in a short time. With absolutely high commitment to service quality, VinaHost is not only reputable server provider but also a reliable companion of all customers.

Currently, we provide server services in Vietnam, USA, Thailand and Singapore to customer. If you need to locate your server in Singapore, please contact us directly via hotline 1900 6046, ticket or emailsupport@vinahost.vn for help.

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