12 maintenance tips of servers Asia (part 1)

July 24, 2017

Simple maintenance and monitoring can usually prevent a server failure from turning into disaster of server VietNam.

  1. Verify your backups are working

Before making any changes to your production system, make sure that your backups are working. You may even want to run some test recoveries if you’re going to delete critical data. Whilst focused on backups, you will want to ensure you have selected the right backup location.

  1. Update Your OS

Updates for Linux systems are frequently release. Staying on top of the updates can be challenging. This is why we use automated patch management tools and have monitoring in place to alert us when a system is out of date. If you are updating your dedicated servers Asia manually, you may miss important security updates. Attackers/ hackers usually scan for vulnerably systems within hours of a problem being disclosed, so that the rapid response is the key. If you can’t automate your updates, create a schedule to update your system. We recommend weekly at a minimum for current versions and monthly for older OS versions. We would monitor release notices from your distribution, so that you’re aware of any main security risks and can respond fast.

  1. Check disk usage

Do not use your production system as an archival system. Delete old emails, logs and software versions that are no longer used. Keeping your system free of old software limits security issues. A smaller data footprint means faster recovery. If your usage is exceeding 90 % of disk capacity, either add more storage or reduce usage. If your partition reaches 100 %, your server will stop responding, database tables can corrupt and data may be lost.

  1. Monitor RAID alarms

All production servers should use RAID. You should be monitoring your RAID status. In our decade plus in business, we’ve worked on countless systems where the RAID failed. As a result, a single disk failure caused a complete system failure.  At VinaHost, we either use providers that monitor our RAID for us or we have setup direct RAID monitoring. Roughly we estimate that RAID fails in about 1 % of servers / year.  1 % may seem small, but a complete server hosting Asia failure can turn a simple drive replacement into a multi – hour disaster recovery scenario.


  1. Check application updates

Web apps account for more than 95 % of all security breaches we investigate. Ensure to update your web apps, especially popular programs such as WordPress.